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Woman Made Payments on BMW With Dead Grandparent’s Social Security Benefits

Gone are the days that I would get a birthday card from my grandparents with a nice note and maybe $10. I’m sure Myriam had a similar experience. The only difference is that after my grandparents passed on, I didn’t impose my own form of restitution by collecting their Social Security benefits.

Maybe I’m the asshole?

A federal jury in ***** found a woman guilty Wednesday of collecting her grandparents’ Social Security benefits years after they died, The ***** reported.

Myriam Etienne, 49, a woman based in *****, allegedly pocketed $130,000 in her dead grandparents’ Social Security benefits over the past decade, which she used to pay her mortgage and make payments on a BMW X6.

Etienne had a joint bank account with her grandparents prior to and after their deaths and controlled the funds as a representative payee, ***** reported. Every month, social security benefits intended for the grandparents, were directly deposited into the bank account.

Etienne’s grandfather died in Haiti in 2006, followed by her grandmother three years later. After their deaths, Etienne did not notify the Social Security Administration and continued to receive the monthly benefits, ***** reported, citing the U.S. attorney’s office.

A U.S. District Judge has ordered Etienne into custody while awaiting her sentencing. If convicted, Etienne will face 10 years in prison and must pay back the government.

Her sentencing is scheduled to begin April 5.

Perhaps Etienne thought the Social Security Administration would quit sending the money at some point. Not only is she looking at 10 years in the clink, but she has to pay the government back too!

Florida or Ohio?
Woman Made Payments on BMW With Dead Grandparent's Social Security Benefits
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