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Police: Man Arrested for Faking Homelessness

The guy’s just trying to make a buck! But seriously, “I didn’t know I couldn’t do that” would probably be a legit response to finding out that you were being arrested for faking homelessness. Sounds made up.

A man is now in custody after panhandling in ***** when police discovered the man was not homeless.

Police went to the intersection of Salem Avenue and Philadelphia Drive Wednesday morning when they saw a man holding a sign that said ‘homeless’ and saw video footage of the man walking to a car to get money from the car in front of the police car and made a cross walking violation.

According to the police report, the officer came back to the same corner a couple minutes later and pulled his window down to try and talk with the man away from the traffic but the man started running toward Good Samaritan Hospital as the officer drove forward.

The police officer told dispatch to advise the hospital police about the man running toward the building.

Officers later identified the man as Scott Weaver and he gave them an address to where he lives in *****.

Police issued Weaver a minor misdemeanor ciation for jaywaking from the initial encounter.

Weaver is in custody and could be facing charges for false or misleading distribution.

I’m not one to usually say the police are wasting their time…but…

Where did Scotty Dubs get his style cramped?
Police: Man Arrested for Faking Homelessness
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