Man with ‘Feel My Pain’ Tattoo Captured After Second Standoff

What more than one police standoff could make these people feel my pain? I know…TWO POLICE STANDOFFS!

Ebb Duhamel and his face tattoo were threatening people with a gun from inside a home. After many attempts to get him to surrender, the police entered the home only to lose track of Duhamel…

An armed man initiated a second standoff with authorities within 24 hours Thursday afternoon and was later taken into custody.

Ebb Duhamel, 30, was arrested Thursday afternoon in the 600 block of Baltimore Rd. in ***** following an earlier standoff in ***** Township on the evening of Independence Day.

For much of Thursday, police searched for Duhamel after he was said to be threatening others with a gun from inside a home on ***** Road, according to the ***** County Sheriff’s Office.

After no progress was made in the several attempts to get Duhamel to surrender, the ***** County Tactical Response Team was called to the ***** Township scene and entered the home, according to the police report. But Duhamel could not be located.

His whereabouts were unknown until Thursday around 2:30 p.m.

Police said Duhamel was wanted for aggravated menacing, inducing panic and violation of a temporary protection order. Additional charges stemming from the second standoff have not been announced.

“We appreciate those who were cooperative at the scene and not posting live video of the incident while we were around the house,” ***** police said on Facebook.

Let’s not overlook the fact that the police felt the need to thank people for not live streaming the events. What a world, fam.

Where are they feelin' Ebb's pain?
Man with 'Feel My Pain' Tattoo Captured After Second Standoff
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