florida man stuffs woman in tote

Man Tries to Hide Legless Girlfriend From Police in Plastic Tote

HELLO, MONDAY! If your start to the week needs a little kick in the pants, don’t look to this guys girlfriend.

While trying to hide his significant other from the police, this guy decided that the best possible place would be a plastic tote.  I can’t blame him, that’s the last place I would look for a live, human girl. However, the police know this girl because an altercation from 2015 caused her to lose both of her getaway sticks.

I wish I had the imagination to make this shit up.

A ***** man is accused of hiding his legless fugitive girlfriend from police by stuffing her into a plastic storage container.

Forty-eight-year-old John Robert Carr Jr. of ***** is charged with resisting arrest. News outlets report Carr attempted to hide 39-year-old Krystle Lee Anderson from U.S. marshals and ***** County Sheriff’s deputies Tuesday.

Anderson was wanted for failing to appear in court on charges including false imprisonment related to a 2015 incident when she allegedly held people hostage at a Burger King with a BB gun. It ended in a shooting with police and she lost both legs.

Authorities received a tip that Anderson was with Carr. He denied Anderson was there, but an officer had spotted Carr placing the now-4-foot-tall woman into the container. She surrendered without incident.

I have so many questions. The most glaring is how did a strong armed robbery with a BB gun result in this woman being legless?

Regardless, you know the drill. Who’s responsible for these awesome people?

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Man Tries to Hide Legless Girlfriend From Police in Plastic Tote
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