Man Arrested After Flying to go Smoke a Joint With President Trump

Well this one is a doozy. It’s like when you’re watching an episode of your favorite show and then all of the sudden there is a crossover moment and your other favorite show has been combined with your original favorite show and you just sit there and basque in the favorite showness of it all.

Well that’s what we  have here. BOTH states involved. One epic crossover!

An *****  man has been arrested after flying out to *****  with the intention of smoking a joint with President Donald Trump.

Tyler Jon Marrone, 27, of ***** flew out to ***** International Airport on April 18, hoping to meet up with the president at *****.

Marrone had made the journey on the same day that Trump was hosting Japanese president Shinzo Abe in *****.

According to a ***** Sheriff’s Office arrest affidavit, Marrone purchased his plane ticket after finding a credit card and “thought it was a gift from God,”.

Deputy Kathleen Zeranski’s said Marrone had “full intentions of driving to ***** and walking onto the property” to speak to the president as well as “smoking a joint with him.”

Marrone told police he wanted to speak to Trump about “the static and frequency feedback that I constantly hear emanating from my basement and from fans and in my head.”

He was arrested at the airport after being flagged up by the U.S. Secret service following comments he made about Trump.

After being stopped by authorities, he was also found to be in possession of a white substance which later proved to be methamphetamine.

Marrone told officers he was carrying “self-prescribed Adderall in his bag” and was arrested for drug possession.

Marrone was found to meet the criteria for ***** Baker Act law, which means he can be involuntarily committed for a mental health assessment.

I think the biggest problem I have with this story is that Marrone only had Meth on him. What if he got to the president and Trump wanted to roll a doob and Marrone didn’t end up having any? PARTY FOUL, bruh. This guy needs to think before making trips like these.

Pick one.

Man Arrested After Flying to go Smoke a Joint With President Trump
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