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Man Arrested 344 Times is Headed Back to Jail

If at once you don’t succeed, try another 343 times. Sometimes it just takes getting arrested 3 or 4 hundred times to realize that maybe the system isn’t broken, but perhaps you are just a unique type of idiot.

A man who’s been arrested 344 times is getting help from an organization that helps repeat offenders.

Richard Powell was banned from *****, but was arrested again after going back there. He’s been sentenced to 90 days for this offense.

Powell’s crimes range from drinking in public and stealing a milk crate, to strong arm robbery and sexual battery. He’s been convicted five times in the last 12 months.

An advocacy group is using Powell as an example of the judicial system’s revolving door for repeat offenders. They want the laws changed.

This one’s a toughy. Not too much information in that excerpt! Good luck!

Which state has spent countless hours and sums of money arresting this man 344 times?
Man Arrested 344 Times is Headed Back to Jail
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