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Driver Runs Motorcycle Off the Road in Road Rage Incident Caught On Camera

Well, the fact that this incident involves a motorcycle and it’s currently snowing in northeast Ohio, determining which state is responsible for this asshole should pretty much be a layup.

However, if you’re still not sure after watching the video and checking out the story, feel free to take the quiz. Hell, take it any way. It’s Monday, we could all use a win.

Law enforcement is searching for a driver involved in a terrible road rage incident on Sunday evening.

A video shows a motorcyclist visibly angry and arguing with a driver in a gray car. Deputies say it happened around 5 p.m. near the intersection of ***** and *****.

A witness told ***** the driver threw spare change at the motorcyclist, Darin Hendrickson.

The car then careens over and slams into Hendrickson, leaving him tumbling into the sidewalk in the middle of traffic. The car then sped off.

Hendrickson is recovering from his injuries and spoke with ***** on Monday.

Detectives with the ***** County Sheriff’s Office are sharing the video of the confrontation in hopes that someone recognizes it and identifies the driver.

They describe the car as a gray Mazda 3 hatchback with a large white decal on the back window.

Let me just say I think the driver of that car is an asshole. Let me also just say that the motorcyclist also appears to be somewhat of an asshole. Watch the video, he clearly hits that persons car. Unacceptable, bro. But yeah, running him off the road and wrecking his bike seemed a bit excessive.

Regardless, we still have to ask…

Where is this Evil Kenevil from?
Driver Runs Motorcycle Off the Road in Road Rage Incident Caught On Camera
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