Man Arrested After Throwing Cookie at His Girlfriend

Aside from his decision to get tattoos above his neck, the decision to use an otherwise perfectly good cookie as a weapon proved to be one that he would regret. Last weekend, this man became so enraged with his live-in girlfriend that he chucked a “hard” cookie at his woman’s face. Please follow and like…


Man Goes on Rampage to Get Attention of Taylor Swift

A man recently was found in the middle of the street simply screaming “I love you”. When police intervened, he explained that he was in love with Taylor Swift. Get in line, pal. The next evening led to an even stranger encounter that involved an airport runway, a playground and a potential grenade. No word…


Man Stuffs Footlong Sub Down His Pants, But Pays For Soda

$5 footlongs are a great deal, but not great enough. At least for the gentleman pictured above who is now wanted by the local police department in connection with sandwich pilfering. Sidebar: How many jokes can you come up with about a footlong in the pants? Perhaps more humorous than us (yeah right), the Facebook…