VIDEO: Man Ejected From Car During Violent Collision at Turnpike Plaza

The police are blaming driver fatigue for the video below, which shows a car barreling toward a turnpike plaza and striking a lane divider at full speed. The driver is ejected and thrown a long distance, but somehow — SOMEHOW — survived the accident. You can also see a passenger emerge from the smoke and fire, a little wobbly on his feet. The other THREE passengers in the car were also OK. All 5 were treated and released from the hospital.

I don’t know how someone survives this.

A crash at a turnpike toll plaza in Central Florida was so violent that it catapulted a passenger from the car and sent him flying across the pay lanes.

The ejected man miraculously survived, and even was released from the hospital after treatment.

The crash happened last Sunday near St. Cloud in Osceola County, reports WESH 2 News.

Newly released video from the toll plaza contains a warning about graphic footage. The clip shows a car speeding toward the toll booth, flying through poles, then striking a barrier. Look closely and you can see a man flying from the vehicle before landing mere inches from a yellow pole.

The crashed SUV caught fire, with smoke pouring out, doors open, another occupant staggering out. A toll worker walks over to investigate and then sees the seemingly unconscious man lying motionless on the ground next to another vehicle that is stopped at the booth.

The Florida Highway Patrol told the Orlando station that all five people in the vehicle were taken to the hospital, treated and released.

The trooper wrote in his report that the accident appeared to be related to driver fatigue, adds the WESH report.

No need to guess on this one. We’re just glad no one was killed!


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