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Woman’s Mugshot Progression is Downright Scary

There is obviously a serious opioid epidemic going on in this country and it doesn’t show signs of slowing down. This woman is on the losing end of the battle as well. She was arrested in 2017 when her 9-year-old son found her passed out on the bathroom floor and went to find help. Most…


New to Florida? Make Sure You Understand these Laws!

Moving to a different country is not always a piece of cake. Sure, you’re excited and anticipating a change in the climate and surroundings of a new home, but the change runs deeper than that. If you are moving to a country like Florida, you might have to also understand the different laws that the…


Man Goes on Rampage to Get Attention of Taylor Swift

A man recently was found in the middle of the street simply screaming “I love you”. When police intervened, he explained that he was in love with Taylor Swift. Get in line, pal. The next evening led to an even stranger encounter that involved an airport runway, a playground and a potential grenade. No word…