Man Beats Another with Baseball Bat in the Background of Local News Live Shot

Being a natural athlete, any chance I get to take some cuts with the bat to keep my speed up, I take. That said, I usually don’t do it before 6AM on a street corner.

And I almost never attempt to beat someone while taking those cuts.

Things, though, are a little different here since that’s exactly what seems to have happened as one man was laying in some serious agony while another was standing over him with an aluminum bat.

An assault took place Tuesday morning as ***** First News weekend morning anchor Connor ***** was reporting from downtown *****.

While Connor was reporting on the economic revitalization in downtown ***** and other areas of the *****, a man was assaulted on the street with a baseball bat.

Connor said he and his photographer were standing on ***** Street at about 5:54 a.m. preparing for a liveshot when two men came around the corner arguing. One of the men took a baseball and hit the other man several times.

A man not involved in the incident walked by and tried to break up the fight. He is seen in the video wearing an orange t-shirt. That man was able to get the bat away from the attacker.

Connor immediately called police and they were there in minutes.

The victim was taken by ambulance to the hospital. Officers said neither the victim or the other man involved in the fight wished to press charges.

Ok. First of all. What in the aluminum bat weilding f*ck is going on here? Two men are pissed, one has a bat on hand and whoops his ass. Another man shows up to calm everyone down like he’s Jerry Springer and at the end of it all they don’t want to press charges?

Any guesses? My best guess is the victim was caught in bed with the bat guy’s woman. Why else does this go down at 5:54am?!

Florida or Ohio? Guess before watching the video, cheaters.

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