Woman Threatens Customers with a Machete Then Poops in the Cop Car

Ever had a bad hair day?

Ever had a really bad hair day?

Tracy Denise George-Sirleaf managed to have the latter. After becoming enraged at a hair salon, George-Sirleaf left only to return with machete. Things quickly escalated and ended with a defecation.

Customers and the owner of Jean Nicole Hair Salon told deputies they feared for their life when Tracy Denise George-Sirleaf approached the shop, machete in hand, Monday evening.

The shop owner’s quick thinking kept everyone safe, but the responding deputy’s patrol car has had better days on the job.

It started around 5:30 p.m.

The ***** County Sheriff’s Office told WBBH that George-Sirleaf became unhinged, grabbed her things and left the shop.

She went to her car, but came back moments later in a rage and threw herself against the glass window.

Detectives said she again went to her car but returned wielding a machete this time.

The shop owner locked the door as she approached. Other customers dialed 9-1-1 as she swung the weapon in the air.

Deputies said George-Sirleaf got within seven or eight feet of the door before suddenly changing directions. She set her eyes on the owner’s truck, implying she would hit it.

Two Labrador retrievers were inside at the time.

The suspect reportedly turned her attention to another car just as a deputy arrived and ordered her to drop the sword.

The deputy repeated the command several times before George-Sirleaf complied. She put the blade down and the deputy collected it as evidence.

He then handcuffed her and placed her in his patrol car for questioning. Unfortunately, that’s when nature called and the suspect defecated inside the unit.

Authorities took the 43-year-old to the ***** County Jail where she faces two counts of assault on a person 65 or older.

*hand up

I have a question.

Why were there dogs in the car in the parking lot?

Also, I want…nay…NEED to know why she was so mad and feel like she got off light with the charges…

Where do police cruisers double as port-o-potty's?

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Unfair question as I'm sure both states have cruiser poopers. However this one is Lee County, Florida. Now someone find out how the dogs are doing!


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