Woman Rams Several People with Her Car in Wendy’s Drive-Thru Altercation

Slow people in drive-thru’s are the WORST.

Sometimes, you may feel like you want to honk at the person in front of you to move things along.

Jamila Sloan wants you to know that is NOT how to move things along.

A dispute police said started in a Wendy’s drive-thru ended with at least one teen being taken to the hospital and a mother of two being arrested on felonious assault charges.

Police said the incident happened just before midnight Sunday in a Wendy’s parking lot in *****.

They said Jamila Sloan was in the drive-thru lane with her two young children when a car behind her honked at her.

“The vehicle with the three females was honking their horn at Sloan,” the report said. The report further noted witnesses told police Sloan then opened her vehicle door and asked the females if they “were hungry” and then said, “I’ll shoot y’all.”

The females then exchanged words with Sloan.

According to police, security video from Wendy’s shows that once Sloan got her food, she drove up a few feet and parked her car. A few minutes later when the other car pulled out of the drive-thru, Sloan moved her vehicle up and an argument started.

A female got out of the other car, and the vehicle Sloan was driving struck her. Two others got out of the car, and Sloan’s vehicle can be seen striking those women, too.

Police said Sloan then took off.

“The victims got the license plate and officers were able to find her,” said Chief Annette Mecklenburg. The chief said one victim was taken to the hospital. All three victims are expected to be OK.

Sloan told officers the girls tried to jump her and she got scared and took off.

“It should be noted that after the initial encounter in the drive-thru lane, Sloan had the opportunity to leave the Wendy’s parking lot, but instead decided to park, facing outward toward the drive-thru lanes, as if to wait on the Saturn to leave,” the report stated.

Sloan is facing several charges including felonious assault and child endangering. She is free on bond and due back in court soon.

Ok. So Sloan was taking a little longer than most and the three young ladies behind her honked at her. I get it. Not cool, but I get it.

However Sloan took things a little further by not only threatening to shoot them, but waiting for them to advance the situation.

Then hitting them with her car and fleeing the scene.

All while having her “two young children” in the car.

These stories write themselves.

Where can you get a hit and run charge with your JBCB?

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Cleveland, Ohio was home to this fast food dispute. Side note: When will Wendy's bring back Spicy Chicken Nugs?


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