Just a Man in His Underwear, Riding a Bicycle Backwards on the Interstate

Some would argue that there is never a bad time to get in a cardio workout.

Others would show you the video below.

“He comin.'”

Those are the only words tweeted to describe a video of a man in Florida riding a bicycle backward on a Miami interstate. He’s wearing hot pink socks and sneakers, a headband and pink underwear – and nothing else.

Possibly not surprising is this isn’t the first time the man has been spotted nearly nude and riding his bike on Interstate 95. The Miami Herald reported a sighting of the man in August 2018.

In that video, the man was wearing hot pink socks, green sneakers and “nothing but a string for underwear.” He was riding a bicycle in the normal way.

The March 3, 2019, video, posted to the Florida Man twitter page, has been viewed more than 250,000 times. One person replied, “honestly impressive.” Another said, “Backwards now. He’s upped his game!”

The South Florida Sun-Sentinel reminded anyone considering this form of transportation that riding a bicycle on I-95 is illegal.

No need for the flip card at the end of this one. Just downright impressive really.

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