Student Assaults Teachers, Claims He is an Avenger After His Dog Gave Him LSD

The dog at my homework.

Oh, and also pushes LSD.

A high school student recently experimented with LSD that was reportedly given to him by his dog and things got weird. As in sexually assaulting at least three women, physically assaulting a police officer, kicking out a cruiser window and trying to strangle a nurse with her stethoscope.

What a trip, eh?

On January 16, a ***** High School student was arrested after allegedly taking LSD and assaulting teachers and a school resource officer. 

Around 10:30 a.m. the ***** High School Resource Officer heard a teacher yell,  “Do not touch me!” and call for help.

Upon arriving to help the teacher, the resource officer saw the 15-year-old suspect run outside of the school into the parking lot area. After the resource officer told the suspect to get back into the school, he complied and walked back inside with the officer mumbling “big t***” and other incompetent statements.

After the resource officer escorted the student to the nurse’s station he walked up to a female and said, “Come here, b****” and then pushed her up against a wall while grabbing her buttocks and breast areas. 

The resource officer immediately grabbed the suspect off of the woman while telling him to stop and to calm down.

According to the police report, when the officer attempted to handcuff the suspect he pushed away and lunged at a school administrator knocking her back into the restroom and grabbing her breast aggressively. 

Police say that with the help of some of the school staff and the resource officer they were able to subdue the suspect and put him in the back of a ***** Police Department cruiser.

While en route to the ***** Police Department the suspect was licking the window in the back seat of the cruiser. the suspect managed to kick the sliding portion of the window loose and kicked his right leg through striking the resource officer in the back side of the head near his right ear.

When the ***** Fire Department paramedics got the suspect out of the vehicle they put him on a gurney and began to transfer him to ***** Downtown Hospital for medical evaluation.

When paramedics asked the suspect what he was on he replied, “LSD man” and then began yelling “big d***!” and “big t***!” at officers.

Once in the ***** ER area, the suspect began yelling “I’m an Avenger.” 

When the suspect was unhandcuffed by ***** police officers he grabbed a female nurse examining him and tried to strangle her with the stethoscope around the nurse’s neck.

During the suspect’s initial evaluation the suspect told the medical staff that his “dog” gave him the LSD at home. 

The suspect’s guardian was contacted and informed that he had been charged with vandalism, resisting arrest, gross sexual imposition, and assault.

The suspect was transported to ***** County JJC.


Besides the Marvel Cinematic Universe, where does the newest Avenger hail from?

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The 15 year old with a drug dealing dog is a student at Liberty High School in Liberty Township, Ohio.


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