Man Arrested After Throwing Cookie at His Girlfriend

Aside from his decision to get tattoos above his neck, the decision to use an otherwise perfectly good cookie as a weapon proved to be one that he would regret.

Last weekend, this man became so enraged with his live-in girlfriend that he chucked a “hard” cookie at his woman’s face.

A ***** man wasarrested for domestic battery after he reportedly threw a cookie at his girlfriend.

Wade Smith, 41, of *****, was taken into custody on Sunday after deputies with the ***** County Sheriff’s Office were called to the home he shares with his girlfriend.

Smith’s girlfriend reportedly told investigators that he “threw a hard piece of cookie and hit her in the forehead,” which deputies noted was red when they responded to the scene.

The 41-year-old, according to the news station, confessed to authorities that he threw the cookie at her.

Online records from the sheriff’s office indicate Smith was booked at the ***** County Jail in ***** on $500 bond.

$500 bond and domestic battery charge for throwing a cookie at someone! Maybe the cookie wasn’t as good as we initially thought?

Cookies don’t hurt people. People hurt people.

Where does Cookie Monster really live?

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Wade Smith hails from Zephyrhills, Florida and collects stale cookies to use against his foes.


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