Waffle House Customer Asked to Leave, Threatens to Shoot Manager, Then Dances Naked Outside

Freedom Ryder Zobrist had enough with the Waffle House throwing their weight around. What better way to stick it to The Man than to threaten him, lick him and then show him your goods?

Also, with a name like Freedom, you’d have to believe she has a unrealistic expectation of her rights.

A woman was arrested outside a Waffle House restaurant in ***** after allegedly taking off her clothes and dancing naked in the parking lot and exposing herself to employees.

Authorities said Freedom Ryder Zobrist arrived at the ***** restaurant Monday morning and was asked by a manager to leave due to unruly behavior. She returned later and allegedly threatened to shoot the manager and everyone inside the restaurant, ***** reported.

Zobrist then walked outside and “pulled down her pants” and started dancing around the parking lot,” according to the arrest report obtained by the station.

The manager told police she tried grabbing his genitals and then licked both sides of his face. One witness said Zobrist was naked in front of his vehicle, according to the report.

The suspect was being held in the ***** County jail on $800 bond and is scheduled to appear in court on Feb. 7.

What’s the end game here? The manager breaks and is like “Ok, fine. You can come back in and be unruly”?

Where is Freedom Rider Freedom Ryder from?

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Pensacola, Florida! Do not confuse Freedom Ryder with the civil rights activists of the 1960's. While they both fought for their rights, only one used their genitalia.



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