Man Goes on Rampage to Get Attention of Taylor Swift

A man recently was found in the middle of the street simply screaming “I love you”. When police intervened, he explained that he was in love with Taylor Swift.

Get in line, pal.

The next evening led to an even stranger encounter that involved an airport runway, a playground and a potential grenade.

No word yet on whether Taylor Swift knew, or could know, that he was, or would be, trouble when he walked in.

A man has been arrested after he committed a series of incidents in an effort to gain Taylor Swift’s attention.

According to police, their first encounter with the man occurred Friday afternoon, when they received a noise complaint in the area of Second Street. Officers found the man, identified as 29-year-old Cody Hann, pacing back and forth screaming in the street.

Hann told officers he was simply shouting, “I love you” because he was in love with Taylor Swift.

Officers encountered the man again the next evening when they received a report of someone recklessly driving a black Pontiac.

A caller said the car was driving on an airport runway in ***** before it headed toward *****. Another caller reported seeing the car traveling erratically in a city park near Third Street.

Responding officers found the car stuck in mud in the park near some damaged playground equipment.

Officers first thought they heard gunshots in the area, but later realized the sound was Hann striking the car with a metal pole. He eventually broke a headlight and a window.

When asked about his driving, Hann again told officers he was in love with Taylor Swift and wanted to get her attention. 

When Hann was taken into custody, officers searched the car and found a “very real looking” grenade in the center console.

The ***** County Bomb Squad responded to the scene and took custody of the grenade, which is being analyzed for authenticity.

Hann is charged with reckless operation, criminal damaging and inducing panic. Police say he faces more charges if the grenade is real.

Where does the future Mr. Taylor Swift reside?

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Rittman, Ohio will be the city of the upcoming nuptials. The wedding date will be announced after the court dates.


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